You the User

When signing up to use the site, you the user will need to apply using an email account. Approval of your membership account will be made within 24-48hrs. The user of the email account will be added and will be the sole owner of licensing. 

Your Jpeg grants each paying user to utilize photos for editorial and commercial usage under specific criteria the user chooses. 

This is a one-person license and can be used only by the account owner for his/ her clients. The license cannot be transferred to another party. If the Media is to be used by more than one person or employees, then a company license/subscription must be purchased. For questions or additional permissions contact us in writing at



Our terms are simple. Unless otherwise stated, MEMBERSHIP media on our site can be purchased for one (1) affordable monthly rate and can be used Royalty-Free for editorial and commercial use indefinitely as long as the membership remains paid & active on a rolling basis. 

Images sold individually (called "Heart" images), can be purchased with an extended license. The license you choose guarantees you to use the image for editorial or commercial use indefinitely for 1 rate only. 

Free content or any images with watermarks cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

By purchasing content from our site, you agree to all terms on this site. If you disagree with any of the terms please do not use this site.


Use of Photos

Your Jpeg grants you certain licenses to download digital images, video, and audio for your personal and professional use. These licenses are:


Use of images any way you like that does not conflict with the license that you purchase.


Download an image with an Editorial license and use it for a blog post, news or magazine article.

Download an image with a Commercial license and use it on product packaging, products, billboards, printed materials. 

Not allowed:


If you are unsure if your usage falls in any of the categories above, feel free to contact us at for clarification. 


Use of Photos with Watermarks/ Free Images 

Your Jpeg grants you a limited license to download all digital images, video and audio and any other media on our site that are high and low resolution or have watermarks. These images include:





Not allowed:


If you are unsure if your usage falls in any of the categories above, feel free to contact us at for clarification. 

​Refund policy

The refund policy here supersedes any other refund policy stated on our site. You may ask (in writing) for a refund of your purchase within 7 days from the purchase date. Downloads will not be refunded if more than 7 days from the download date have passed. Please note that refunds will only be permitted for individual (Heart Images) ONLY. If you are not able to download a particular piece of media, we will refund the money used to purchase that piece of Media, provided that Your Jpeg determines you have been unable to download the Media successfully.

There are no refunds for membership downloads or content with no price. If you are a member and have downloaded a single piece of media that has technical flaws, please contact us for the following:



Memberships may be canceled at any time.  When canceled, memberships will end at the end of the monthly billing cycle.